No Salt Bread, Light

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A loaf of Light Bread without Salt. Presliced, frozen or loaf.
Reduce care giver management, and patient side effects of diuretics and blood pressure medications by switching to low salt bread, in those patients that like to eat bread. This is a light bread, that does not seem to be commercially available anywhere else. Heavy sprouted grain bread caused toilet calamity for us. Bread can be distributed frozen for longer distance delivery from the Southern California Basin.
Supplying Meals on Wheels would be beneficial. Your direct or indirect help is needed in conjuring commercial scale ovens and refrigerator/freezers. I eat it even though I don't have to.  As with historically unsalted Tuscan bread  , it goes well with other things.  
Heres some 2013 medical salt in bread market reviews: 
Ingredients:  Wheat Flour bit of sugar, butter or olive or coconut oil, Yeast (other yeast ingredients depend on manufacturer)