Eliminate Catalytic Convertor, Doubling milage, Double engine life

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1. Legally eliminating your Catalytic Converter ,
2.  Doubling your Gas Mileage 
3. Double engine life. Cleaning out all the Carbon buildup
Practical Goals
intended as a Government Approved upgrade to your existing vehicles and generators etc. Also licensed to vehicle manufacturers

Additional modifications to Hybrid Electric make the worlds highest mileage car demonstrator:
You can participate in...Modifications to electric and combustion motors in this already highest milage production care ever (2002 Honda Insight) to have a range of 1000 miles and a duration of 24 hours on the existing stock fuel tank of approx 10 gallons...without any external electrical charging. Goals are to make modifications kits for all cars available as an EPA approved product. with milage records on EPA standards and coast to coast records. If things go really well, Finishing the Baja 1000 and 24 hour road races on a stock tank of gas is contemplated.