Electric generator bicycle with Body Cooling, one month rental

Regular price $300.00

This Stationary bike with cooling that can increase the your total workout output by 10 times over stationary bikes without significant direct wind cooling. Operator adjustment of cooling fan allows warming up without fan, and then increasing wind as desired.

The cooling fan is powered by pedaling of  direct drive  electric generator, with surplus energy to operate electronic devices and charge batteries.

The bike is quiet allowing hearing of electronic devices. An amplified speaker is also provided in the center of the fan so the sound is carried to the user by the fan, instead of the fan interfering with the sound.

Some characteristics of this human electrical generator:
Pavlovian short term reward, Capacitor Storage with time remaining to shut down
Loss of Cooling from inadequate generation = motivation
Loss of entertainment and distraction from inadequate generation = motivation

Long term Reward
Accomplishing something useful, electricity generation
Off Grid reserve power

At the moment it is only available as a rental with a security deposit, in Southern California area. Some time in the future it could be sold and shipped by flatpack and assembled by the end user. the stated price in one month rental.

You can use your own type of pedals as it is threaded for both common pedal thread pitch sizes. There are two crank length positions.

Two US patents have been granted . 2 large provisional patents may be made into many international PCT applications.