Indoor Bicycle, Avoid Sweat and Suffering. Electric generator, Desk

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Quiet enough to make phone calls while generating power.





Future less expensive purchase, rental, sales outside of Los Angeles area ]
Support development to mas production donation
Purchase first version Serial Number One, first bike $150,000.00
Commission your own build
Deposits for future mass production pricing
Rentals. Beta Test Bikes Los Angeles area :  $500 dollars a month
Gallery or museum placement.
Licensing of design and patents for manufacturing.
Supply to professional teams.

Cell Phone and tablet stands.
antenna mounts for TV and radios
battery charging stations
Charge your Car Battery or Jump start battery
Hydration Bottle holders

Useful on vehicle RVs , boats and space craft

Worlds largest direct drive Low Power Low RPM generator is also usefull in Wind Turbines and Low head water wheels
Arm pedaling and recumbent versions to come.

Best indoor exercise machine in the world. A time machine, saving daily time, and extending life time. Avoiding outside traffic death, or allergies, or infections. Gilligans Island can generate power to watch Gilligans Island on tv. Tiki look. Birch Plywood strength to weight ratio similar to Mosquito fighter bomber and Spruce Goose.  Workout defined by units of tv shows or films, star trek, X-Files, Mission Impossible, original Hawaii 50. etc. Music is key..Mannix.

Video of bike in action, powering automotive /RV camping electronics

Comparison peloton shoot out with timer and equivalent user, users. Physical work done. Intellectual work done. Energy produced or consumed.

 Self sufficiency, saving time, avoiding getting hit by a car, health. Space station or off grid emergency electricity.

 Pavlovian immediate reward, cooling, media

Sweat Removal, Cooling
Sweat Removal and Cooling
Sweat Avoidance and Cooling
Brain Bike, has desk for work, or viewing, or communicating, not wasting time.

Generator wind tunnel bike

Wind tunnel generator bike

 Worlds largest diameter low human power direct drive generator available in the world. Size is only limited by the human crotch. No losses or noise from chains or gears.

US20180205289A1 and other patents applied for,
Two US patents have been granted ,additional provisional patents may be made into many international PCT applications.

[ links Ham Radio Groups, Survivalists, bike and triatheletes , cross pollination with eco and electric vehicle forums. Donation, consult fees. Custom builds. Pre orders

Los Angeles, Melrose, Beverly, dealers to the famous rich for exotic modernist furnishings. Ben at Modern One. Proffesional teams, my one facebook response was from texas baseball team. 


Other sales channels? Exotic product cataloge marketers. Seen on tv did not get name, sort if brookstone niemam marcus.

Etsy, ebay, kickstarter, indigogo? Have some accounts set up already.

Media channel, existing vs new to create





Patents Applied for and Patents Granted

This Stationary bike with cooling that can increase the your total workout output by 10 times over stationary bikes without significant direct wind cooling. Operator adjustment of cooling fan allows warming up without fan, and then increasing wind as desired. Overheating and overexertion have many potentially bad effects, some examples here:!po=20.6140
The cooling fan is powered by pedaling of  direct drive  electric generator, with surplus energy to operate electronic devices and charge batteries.

Mounting, holding positions for drinks hydration are provided. Alsi pole mountinh positiond for iv hydration and  or  antenna mounting

The bike is quiet allowing hearing of electronic devices. An amplified speaker is also provided in the center of the fan so the sound is carried to the user by the fan, instead of the fan interfering with the sound.

Some characteristics of this human electrical generator:
Pavlovian short term reward, Capacitor Storage with time remaining to shut down
Loss of Cooling from inadequate generation = motivation
Loss of entertainment and distraction from inadequate generation = motivation

Long term Reward
Accomplishing something useful, electricity generation
Off Grid reserve power

At the moment it is only available as a rental with a security deposit, in Southern California area. Some time in the future it could be sold and shipped by flatpack and assembled by the end user. the stated price in one month rental.

You can use your own type of pedals as it is threaded for both common pedal thread pitch sizes. There are two crank length positions.


[tyler, 10/13ish/21] Notes- 



Indoor exercise bike that when operated generates electricity which is used to power a fan pointed at the rider. Excess electricity can be used to charge cell phones or other devices. The speed of the fan is directly related to the rate of pedaling. ! Ed. This is not true, the fan speed is manually controlled by the rider so that the rider is not painfully cooled when starting out cold and warming up. When the rideus heated to the point of pain, that pain is relieved by the user increasing the fan speed until comfort maximized. Thus it is less painfull thsn riding an actual or air bike.!


Tyler's notes: This product appears to be a mix of an air bike and a generator bike with the main differences being-

  • The fan is pointed directly at the rider's front, whereas the airbike's fan is between the riders legs
  • The size and build of the (suffercycle) is considerably bulkier than other styles and requires more set up.

!ed. The other bikes are smaller to better fit in the dumpster, or some corner if the house where it wont block the view if the tv.

It depends on your location to have the bike delivered assembled verses shipped flat pack....


  • The advantage of the (suffercycle) is the user is rewarded proportionally to their effort. As the user pedals harder, their body heats up and they begin to "suffer" from strain and exhaustion. In a typical cycling setting, a cyclist experiences greater a cooling effect with faster speeds- a unique relationship familiar to all, that is absent in common stationary bikes. We believe this experience provides an underappreciated motivational benefit to the health conscious user. The (suffercycle)



  • How much electricity will this generate?
  • Can surplus electricity be stored? Sold?
  • Will the design be slimmed down/ less bulky in the future?


Consumer- Who are we targeting? Gyms? Eco gyms, boutique gyms, etc? Or just the average consumer? What would a room with 12 of these being used by a cycling class be like? Would the noise be too excessive? How would the generated "breeze" act in this situation? ( a gym in sacramento, an eco gym, plans to offset their purchase of stationary bikes by purchasing one with a dynamo and intended to sell back as much as 75% of the power generated by its cycling group/class. This is used as a selling point by the gym to eco-conscious patrons)


Notes on competition:

  • None have been found
  • Closest competitor would be a fan bike with dynamo and paired with VR app-nothing on market


-Looking for work on the psychology of motivation relevant to the bike's ability to motivate the user via fan speed being tied to pedaling speed, being that this haptic feedback/augmented-intrinsic feedback/virtual haptic feedback/simulated haptic feedback (how do we call this??) is what is unique about this product when compared to other stationary indoor exercise cycles. Published studies showing the perfomance boosting effects of haptic feedback(wind) to the indoor cyclist, to simulate, in conjunction with VR headset or alone, cycling/exercising outdoors, which has been shown to increase performance vs performing the same activity indoors. 


'The wind on your face"


[copy draft 1]

INDOOR BICYCLE (tentatively SufferCycle)
The patented SufferCycle by PHRAHNCIS can increase your workout potential up to 10x!
The direct drive electric generator within the unit is powered by your pedaling- as you pedal harder and faster, the generator produces more power!
Of course it will charge your phone or anything else that keeps you moving through the provided usb and 12v adapter... but the biggest boost will
come from the fan directly in front of you with the built-in bluetooth speaker.
The speed of the fan is directly related to your pedaling- the faster you pedal, the stronger the breeze, so the harder you work out, the faster you
cool down, keeping you at peak performance longer.
The SufferCycle is quiet and built to take a beating.
You can use your own pedals with the SufferCycle’s adjustable crank!
PHRAHNCIS cares, so the SufferCycle was designed for flatpack shipping while being simple and quick to set up straight out of the box.
Currently, the SufferCycle is only available for rent.

Immersion in Virtual Reality Can Increase Exercise Motivation and Physical Performance fan speed correlated with pedaling speed, thus creating a virtual breeze (simulating environmental feedback), should produce an increase in motivation to maintain speed, or increase; the higher the exersion, the greater the cool down.
Psychological Benefits of Exercise Paired With Virtual Reality
Multisensory cues facilitate coordination of stepping movements with a virtual reality avatar Shows relationship of sensory cues and physical performance
Outcomes revealed that both groups increased their pedaling rate with external cues and augmented feedback Study focus is on exercise for patients with neurological diseases, but strengthens relationship between environmental feedback and performance
Exploring Haptic Feedback in Exergames