More, Exercise, Easier, Allergy avoidance, due to Cooling and Usefull activity, Generated Electricity

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Fan Cooling will allow you to pedal for 2 major motion pictures, or many TV shows long,
with no allergy symptoms.
Quiet enough to make phone calls while generating power.

Boredom, wasted time
wasted energy

Sweat Removal, Avoidance by large Cooling propeller fan.
This Stationary bike with cooling that can increase the your total workout output by 10 times over stationary bikes without significant direct wind cooling.
Avoid overheating and overexertion and many potentially bad effects, some examples here:!po=20.6140

Brain Bike, has desk for work, or viewing, or communicating, not wasting time.
 Pavlovian immediate reward of cooling and media access
 Self sufficiency, saving time, avoiding getting hit by a car, health. Space station or off grid emergency electricity.

You can use your own type of pedals as it is threaded for both common pedal thread pitch sizes. There are two crank length positions.

Rentals. Beta Test Bikes area :  $500 dollars a month
Licensing of design and patents for manufacturing.
Supply to professional teams.

Cell Phone and tablet stands.
antenna mounts for TV and radios
battery charging stations
Charge your Car Battery or Jump start battery

Useful on vehicle RVs , boats and space craft

Worlds largest direct drive Low Power Low RPM human generator is also useful in Wind Turbines and Low head water wheels
Arm pedaling and recumbent versions to come.

Patents Applied for and Patents Granted

At the moment it is only available as a rental with a security deposit, in California area. Some time in the future it could be sold and shipped by flatpack and assembled by the end user. the stated price in one month rental.